Master Buss Post Fader Inserts

Curent 8.5 here, its been a min since Ive been in Cubase.

Where do I go to insert a plugin in the Master Bus POST fader insert, for instance, WAVES L2 ?

thanks guys

all inserts 7 & 8 are post fader.

Thanks, is there any way to expand the inserts column to see all the slots without adding effects to each insert, say I want to see insert 6 or 7 and there is nothing in any slot? thanks again, so this 7/8=post fader is the same as the old mixer

Yes, you can show all inserts (even if empty) by clicking on the Racks settings drop down and checking on, “Fixed number of Slots”. The Racks settings is the button with the star on it just to the right of the Racks Button. Left click and there are several options there that can be checked on or off.

Additionally, if you don’t want all your inserts showing, yet want a quick way to move an effect to post-fader you can just right click on an effect in any of the first six slots and click on “Move to Post-Fader Slot”.

Thanks a bunch fellas, much appreciated.