Master Bypass after Rendering is not working


  • do some WAV editing (Sonnox DeClicker - does not matter)
  • Render with “Bypass Master Section on resulting Audio File” checked
  • Play the file
    = Master section is bypassed indeed HOWEVER it is not indicated in any way (Bypass button is still green) nor it can be re-activated in any way (Bypass On / Off, removing / re-adding the effect, “Playback goes through Master section” On / Off) - the only way to activate is to close whole WL and start again.

Pretty nasty one - nobody has noticed yet?

In the render dialog there is an option to bypass the master section for the rendered file or not. If you untick this option the rendered file is not bypassed.
On the very right at the bottom of the file there is a little icon which allows you to switch between bypassing the master section or not, so if the rendered file is bypassed you can activate the master section again by clicking on this button.

Just to complete Lutz’s info:

Thank you for your responses.

I am aware of the “Bypass Master Section on resulting Audio File” (see my original post). However I was NOT aware of that tiny icon “Play Through Master Section” as this is completely new compared to WL 6!

Why do we have 2 options to bypass Master section now?? I would expect WL 7 to behave similar to WL 6 e.g. if “Bypass Master Section on resulting Audio File” is checked for rendering, then “Bypass all effects” on Master section should be activated once rendered (the same happens in WL 6).
Bypass Master section.jpg
The way WL 7 does it is confusing.

Because this way you can Bypass files independently!

But when after rendering this resulting file has focus, is the bypass status of the master section also shown at the master section itself? I’m not at the PC right now, but this would be essential I think…

Luck, Arjan

No, the switch on the Master Section is a global switch, like in WaveLab 6. This is not the same function. Basically, the Master Section is independent from the active audio window.

First of all why the exclamation mark??
2nd I don’t understand what you mean.

No, it is not and that was my point.

I’m sorry Sir,

Why that double question mark?
Anyway, I see that chance as a very good innovation, as, at least in W6Essentials, you could not bypass files independently. this means, Sir, that you can e.g. compare a final mix without Master Section to a raw file passing through the Master section with included FX. To me this is good.

Hm so Philippe could you please enlighten me what is the logic behind these 2 independent Master bypasses?? And why WL 7 is not working as WL 6 e.g. activating Master Section bypass instead of “Play Through Master Section” which tiny icon is hardly noticeable and former user of WL would definitely not look for it anywhere as it is completely new feature & approach of WL 7?
I am really confused.

Well, I consider this an improvement. It probably needs some getting used to, but having only the global master section bypass (WL6) certainly had its disadvantages. Maybe the little icon could be improved on - like having a more prominent indicator on the master section, lighting up when the bypassed file has focus.

Luck, Arjan

No need to be sarcastic - 2 question marks because I was really curious / wondering.

Call me slow but I still don’t understand what you mean by “bypass files independently”…
By “final mix” you refer to Audio Montage?? Still confused…
I am unable to imagine scenario where I would have to use “Play Through Master Section” bypass instead of Master section’s “Bypass all effects”.

As I wrote earlier I still don’t understand the advantage of having 2 global bypasses…
Nevertheless I do believe that WL 7 for many reasons should behave as WL 6 e.g. it should activate Master section’s “Bypass all effects” instead of disabling “Play Through Master Section” after rendering when “Bypass Master Section on resulting Audio File” is checked.

I still don’t understand the advantage of having 2 global bypasses…

It’s one global bypass, and one “local” bypass. “Local” to a file.

With the global bypass (on the Master Section), all files being played are concerned (like in WaveLab 6).

With the local bypass (on the File), only the desired files are concerned. Moreover, if you undo a Render, the Bypass switch is also toggled for that file (7.01).

The Local bypass is definitly a big plus compared to WaveLab 6.

Ahaaaa meaning that if I have more WAVs opened I can de-activate “Play Through Master Section” on per-file basis! I finally got it! :sunglasses:

Thank you all for you time spent with me on this.

I also noticed there is another bypass function “Playback goes through Master section, or not”.
Reading the PDF “manual” again and thinking about all the posts here now I finally understand the whole concept.

@ Johnny B. Richman:
I never judge other people, especially if they are WL users. Instead I prefer to be of help, as far as I can.
I wish you a Happy New Year! (no sarcasm intended)

Nicely put - all WL users let us unite :wink:
All the best to you as well!