Master CD Burning

Hey Guys,
I’m a Elements user and I’m new to it. Hope I’m not a pain in the ass for asking such question:)
I need to burn a red book CD with CD Text and all the ISRC codes and etc, can anyone help me here with complete instructions via private message or here? The Person who will help me will get a copy of my album for free when it is out on the 1st of August 2012.
Thank you

Just thought I’d mention that what you are asking is a very, very BIG question. There are only broad guidelines to mastering a red book CD and you can find a lot of the essential steps by searching the internet. However, the details of the whole process can vary enormously depending on the precise nature of the project. There are many variables and you could write a whole book about it.

I’d suggest first reading thorougly the Wavelab documentation, and perhaps taking a look at the Wavelab 6 documentation which has a few theoretical details.

Has anyone helped you yet?

I’ll give you a nice hint: Elements does not use CD Markers, but adds the clips as CD tracks to the CD Window.

Elements is rather simple and there aren’t many options at all compared to Wavelab.