Master Console VST

Hiya guys, for ages I wondered why no daw hasn’ yet done this so maybe it’s cos it’s not been thought of so posting the idea here.
If ya like it then del this so no one else steals it.

Ok what I mean by master console is basically a window which allows loading inserts just like the current e window, however
it would be known as master console or something of your choosing.
Now all groups or channels can be routed to the master console which would sit on the master out inserts or be the main out.
it could be say 8 or 16 in’s or maybe more depending on which version of cubase. Each then passes through the master console and then
through the inserts. However the idea is to then allow a steinberg say limiter, imaging, dyn comp etc to give different priority to different
channels in.
Presets could be made so each in could be assigned to say perc, hats drums, vocals bass and so on, then some genre presets with the end goal
to allow quick and easy focus which could be automated too.
So a custom or via inserts which as vst3 could take the multiple in’s or a console window that is itself a vst.

It just seems by now there should be channel focused mastering tools, and having the ability to pull each groups of instruments into the eq/comp/img/limiter allows for much more precise better control of the end product. I guess form this it could even jump on the A.i. bandwagon and the project could be analysed to know when certain groups of instruments build up and need space over others, almost like an ai producer.