Master controls for controllers


how about a “master control” page / switch / context menu

-> when activated, these “master controls” have priority over Quick controls and channel selection.
(activation is a button somewhere on the gui)

You can control any and all assigned parameters of any vsts on any channel without having to select any specific channel or limit yourself to controlling solely one channel at any given time…
(vst#3 on track 1 , vst#5 on track 4 , etc etc. - all controllable , simultaneously, from one controller.)

simply open the master control page, click “learn” , twiddle a knob on the vst, done.
alternatively right click on the vst and “assign to” -> this would have to be a dynamic length context menu though because the master controls are not limited to 8, but are dynamically expandable…

simplicity is key here. yes, we can write whole maps and assign this and that in the controller setup, but this is a more elegant and realtime solution… the mappings/assignments are saved “per project”

thank you for giving it a thought;)