Master fader (how to automate entire song fade out)

This should be a really obvious and simple task, but it’s not. I simply want to fade out the entire song by automating the master slider to slowly lower in volume until it fades to silence. YouTube video showed a person selecting read and write on master (stereo out) fader. On the video doing that created a line which you could click where you want the fade to start, and another click where you want it to end. But on my system I click on the master fader, select read and write and nothing happens… is there some sort of click your heels three times … or say mother may I? …what am I missing?


Do you have your main stereo out visible in your project window?

Stereo Out

no, and I think that is probably the underlying issue. I don’t know how to add that despite repeated tries. The master fader shows on the console view, but not in the main window. I suspect if that were visible I could probably simply select the volume automation controller and this would be an easy task. But I can’t figure out how to make it appear in the main window.

Some Channel types, like Groups, FX and Stereo Out (there is no “master fader”) do not initially show in the Project Window. However in the MixConsole when you Write Enable that Channel it will appear in the Project Window making it available to edit Automation. So it should have appeared when you toggled the W button. Since you’ve done that and don’t see it, double-check that it isn’t set to be Hidden in Visibility


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First off thank you so much for taking the time… I really appreciate it. YOU resolved my issue…

When I click W (for read and write) on the stereo out fader, nothing appears in the project window. When I go to Visibility tab, stereo out does not appear there either. HOWEVER in the input output at the top, when you click this triangle thing its magically hidden underneath… someone really outdid them selves hiding that one… thanks again

Those triangles indicate Folders, which you can open and close to reveal whats in them.

Personally I make a Group Channel called Mix, routed to the Stereo Out, which I route everything through and put the fades and dynamics on that. My FaderPort will not scroll to the Stereo Out.

It’s often a good idea to have a bus before Stereo Out that contains all of your mastering effects. That way, your song won’t suddenly compress or saturate differently as you fade it out …

E g, the only effect you should use on Stereo Out is plain Eq, and various visualizers. All the non-linear stuff (limiters, compressors, saturators, squashers, …) should ideally go on a bus before stereo out, so it’s not affected by specific stereo out level fader setting.