Master levels stop

Thank you for providing information on this forum. I have left Samplitude for mastering and am jumping into Wavelab which has many great features. I noticed on the master section sometimes there is no signal strength showing up. If I move the Left/Right faders the volume goes up and down but the meters don’t. The master level is green and I hit the reset peaks but still there is no signal showing up. When I open plug ins I see signal going through them.

Please advise what I need to do to show the meter signal on the master level.

There is a small latency between moving the faders and the meter feedback, but apart this, it always work AFAIK.

Hopefully I won’t see this issue when I move to version 8 this weekend. But I have seen where the meters don’t move at all when music is playing once in a while. If I open an older session the meters will work, but other times it doesn’t.

I might be stating the obvious, but you’re sure the master section is not bypassed? After rendering for instance, with the option ‘bypass master section on resulting file’ selected, this will be the case.

The effects are not bypassed and the volume control on the fader works. Not sure how to even bypass the master fader. You click on the green light and nothing happens. Same thing when try to click on options on the right hand side. Learning curve is not fun