Master Meter does not go past zero!

I dunno whether to smile or cry, but my master meter does not go past 0.0!
I’ve had this has happen occasinally before with older versions of cubase, and then all I had to do was either
reload the project or restart cubase. Now, it’s totally stuck, and it happens in all my projects, not just one!
What’s even more weird, is that:
A) If I turn up the volume of the master fader, the meter reacts and goes red immediately, and
B) If I add a 3rd-party meter on one of the inserts, it behaves in the exact same way as Cubase’s master meter, doesn’t go past 0.0, regardless of pre- or post-fader position.

The meter worked fine earler today, I dunno what happened or what I did to make it this way…


I have same issues in the input channels…