Master Meter don't work of of 0 db


This Is my problem.
The Meter of Master Channel don’t go up of 0 db.
0 db Is the maximum value showed.

Is a great problem… Because I don’t see if there Is a distortion in the master Channel.

For example: if an audio Channel Meter show +3 db, the master Channel show 0db. Is impossible!!

In master Channel there aren’t insert plugin and the Channel strip effects are all OFF.

Can you help me please?

The master meter shows digital full scale in fixed point, the channel meters show floating point calculation, so - yes it is possible and exactly how it is supposed to be.
If your master shows 0 dB FS consider it as clipped.

Thank you for your replies.
But…there Is a way ti change It?

I just re-checked, an Master meters do Show values above 0 dB Fs

Ok, thank you for your post …
I have a serious problem…

Limiter in the insert?

In Insert I have a limiter, but Is bypassed.

I think this Is a bug.

if the plugin Is bypassed the Master Meter show 0db at maximum value.

if the plugin Is turned off, the master Meter show the effective output volume.

But, for me, the correctly view Is already if the plugin Is bypassed…

Thank you for your responses

My guess is, the bug is in front of the screen.

Sorry, I don’t understand. can you explain it clearly?

It means that YOU (as you sit in front of your screen) are doing something wrong.

dB is NOT a unit. It is a ratio between to values. 0dbFS means dB full scale. It compares your input against the maximum possible value that is digitally possible (if you have 8bit, your value can’t be greater than 255). If you have a dbFS > 0 then that means that this value cannot be mapped to your 8bit or whatever resolution you use and will become distorted when you export to a file.
There’re other comparison values. Check this list on wikipedia:

Within your track channels you cannot “clip” because they don’t have a fixed resolution as your output channel (technically they have but it’s a lot higher)

The master meter can show over 0.

If the limiter is affecting the meter in bypass then it’s a bug.

EDIT: what limiter is it? is it a waves limiter? Because I noticed that they can’t be bypassed - only turned off.

Now Is clear.
I probably didn’t explain myself well.
I use Cubase from 8.0 version and if the Total signal is higher than 0db the master Meter sign It correctly.

With a limiter in insert, in bypass mode the effect Is how in attachment JPEG.

If I turn off the limiter, the Master meter work correctly, showing the same value of “1A Channel”.
For me this is an error.

Thank you very much !
I am not in studio in this Moment, I think I remember that it is the limiter of Cubase…