Master Meter is mostly frozen throughout song

The master meter on the far right of the screen freezes and then refreshes for about half of a second every 3-5 seconds. If I toggle over to the loudness meter and back to it saying “master”, many times the meter will stay blank and doesn’t work at all. To get it to show up at all (albeit, freezing like I mentioned in my first sentence), I have to toggle it back and forth a couple of times to get it to work. And then it barely works as of now.

When the meter is switched to loudness meter mode, it doesn’t work at all.

This is a project most recently saved in Cubase 7.5, but could have been created in as low as version 6. The project is a few years old.

There’s definitely a widespread issue with meter lag:

Sounds familiar to me. I had issues as described when I installed Cubase 8 on the existing 7.5 without re-starting the computer. After trying Cubase 8, the same problem appeared in version 7.5. I applied all graphics- and Win7 updates that I had missed in the last round and restarted at least twice (I guess that was due to the updater itself needed an update). Then, in Cubase 8 preferences, try to change the dB/s setting for the meters. After that, the meters were also fine again. I had them at ~30 db/s, set them to default which is i think 12 db/s, using the button on the bottom row of the preferences window. Hope this can solve it for you as well.

EDIT: sorry to say this: Today the lag seems to be back after Cubase restart. Cannot solve it now as described above.

I created a new project in Cubase 8 and the meters work fine on new projects. It’s just the projects that were created in older versions of Cubase.
I tried multiple projects just to make sure that it wasn’t just a single project that it was happening on.

Not sure if this helps, but I’m running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, and I have a UAD Octo card with several plugins loaded in the projects where the meter lag is happening. On the new project, I did not put UA plugins on it yet to see if that’s what’s causing the issue.

Asus Z77 Sabertooth
Intel Ivy Bridge Processor
16GB of RAM
Nvidia GTX 560ti video card with latest driver update
Windows 7 Professional 64
UAD Octo PCIe card

I’ve been plagued by this problem… master meter and plugin meters alike, and yes on old projects from previous versions of Cubase. AND today… there’s no problem! All meters are working just fine… but for how long???