MASTER Output buss missing from console - vis flag is on

I havent tried walking backwards around the computer for this but if its anything like constrain delay compensation…then I could well be missing something hehe

I have 2 mix consoles; 1 is track management and 2 is subgroups & fx
Mix Console 1 = All Good
Mix Console 2 = master is missing
I have the required busses turned on in visibility, and have split them across the console so that subgroups feed in from the left, FX feed in from the right and master is meant to be in the centre
You can see here in the pic, zone placement is ticked correctly and visibility is definitely on…?

If I change the track width, the buss becomes exposed but why is it hidden and not make the window wider as it does with other configurations?

Aditionally, if a window is directed to be centred, then it would be nice if it did that rather than sticking to an arbitrary side?


The reason is, you set all other channels to the left and right Zones. These Zones are not scrollable. So Cubase shows as much of the Left Zone Channels, as possible. If the space allowes, then Cubase shows the Right Zone Channels. And if the space allowes, it shows the Center Zone Channels. In your case, there is no enough space on the screen to show the Center Zone Channel, where the Master sits.

Thanks Martin

Good to know the underlying schema; some sort of indicator ie like hidden columns in a spreadsheet would be a nice little touch…user feedback always good at the endpoint