Master Output Fade


Is there any way to automate the master volume for a project as opposed to a track?


The automation track for volume on the default Stereo Out track works the same as it does for any other type of track. If the “Stereo Out” track is not showing, just click on the “Input/Output Channels” folder. That will show the “Stereo Out” track with the volume automation. If you want to see/add other automation, just hover your mouse over the colored portion of the Stereo Out track and you will see the down arrow to add other automation lanes.

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Thanks for the info.

But, that folder never showed in the instrument list which explains why I could not find it.

I resolved the issue however by pressing F3, which opens that mixer device. Then, I had to expand the window to actually see the main output slider on the right. Then, I saw the “R” and “W” for automation on each of the channels including the master volume. Click the “W” and wallah, there is the master volume automation track with the rubber band…

Hope this helps for other people…


It did help! Thank you!