"Master page change" problem

I’m stuck on this master page issue. For the handbell layout, I have my first master page set up correctly (adding a “bells needed” header). But for some reason, I can’t get it to show up unless I insert a master page change to force page 1.

Any idea what’s causing this? I can apply the master page change, but I’m determined to NOT just skip over this. I want to get it figured out the right way!

File attached. Thanks.
O Come O Come Emmanuel_bells.zip (467 KB)

Bump. Not asking for a response from the team, as I’m sure they’re busy with the recent update. But any users able to offer insight? Leo?

Sorry Dan, I’m on a gig in Dolgellau tonight (about five hours’ drive from home), with no computer. Will take a look within the next 24 hours, though.

Hi Dan,
not sure what you are trying to do.

Ah OK, I see now.
What do you have against a master page change?
It works.

Because one is for a “bells needed” frame.


I also would like to understand how it works and after trying several things it seems that as soon as you have several music frames in the “First” Master Page, Dorico will automatically assign the “Default” Master Page to the first page of the project.
And as you already found out you have to manually assign the “First” Master Page to the first page of the project.
I assume then that this is the way Dorico works and there are probably reasons for this.
For example I am just wondering what would you use as “First” Master Page for another Player in the same project?
The Master Page with the “Bells needed” would not work.

I had to do something similar a few days ago: a Drums Legend which should be before the first Drums Flow.
As I wanted this legend to be on its own page, I created a custom Master Page only for this legend.

A suggestion: maybe you should create a custom Master Page only for this Layout and assign this custom Master Page with a Master Page Change.

Ah, you may be right. It sounds like I should create a new Master Page set.

Things like this reveal I don’t completely understand master pages as well as I think. They’re quite powerful, but it takes time to wrap your head around them.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Not necessarily a complete Set but in this case I believe that a single custom Master Page (within your existing set) would be enough.

Having looked at the project, I think teacue’s probably correct in assuming that once there’s more than one master frame on a First page Dorico can’t default to it.
The solution will almost definitely be a custom master page.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to this thread. Just to say that Dorico will only use a ‘First’ master page automatically if it contains the same frame chains as the ‘Default’ master page. In this case, the MK frame chain is present in the ‘First’ master page but not in the ‘Default’ master page, so Dorico won’t choose to use it automatically.

Thanks Daniel.