Master Page Changes don't Update!!!


I made adjustments to my master page on both pages (left and right - I used copy L to R) but when I went back to my music nothing changed. Did I do something wrong? I changed the layout on my parts and none of it updated when I hit close master page. This happens all the time to me, but then on rare occasions it works after I update a master page? Am I missing a setting?

Thanks Nick

If you did a direct edit to a page, it may have been flagged as an overridden page (Look for red triangle in the upper left corner). Once a page has been overridden, changes to the Master Page won’t be reflected.


It has a red Triangle - so that means I made changes to the page without doing it to the Master Page and it has been over written by changes not to the master page - Ok I understand that. Thanks for the help. For some reason I could not figure that out.