Master page changes not flowing through

I am new to Dorico, but not new to the concept of master pages (which I have experienced through Adobe InDesign).
I am confused however because I am making changes to the master page template upon which my parts are based, and not seeing the expected changes.

For example, in the Piano part of the attached, I’ve edited the First Page from the Default Part to remove the {@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@}
bits which I don’t want.

I hit ‘apply’ but don’t see the result effected on my piano part. I am using the default Master Page Sets. What am I doing wrong?
You’ll Never Walk (506 KB)

I’m not in front of Dorico, but my guess is that that’s a flow heading, so you need to be editing this:

If you want to remove the “flow heading” completely, go to Layout Options in the Setup Menu and choose the options you want.

The flow headings are a separate object from the master frame, because flows can start part way down a page if you want.

If you make the flow heading blank as in pianoleo’s post, the flow heading frame will still take up vertical space on the page, which is probably not what you want.

Also, if you have made Overrides to individual page layouts (which puts a small red triangle in the upper left corner of the page icon), Master Page changes will not take effect until overrides have been removed.


Also, did you edit a master page when looking at the full score or a part? (They have different master pages.)

And did you click to reproduce the changes you made on one side to the corresponding page on the other? I cannot say how many times I edited the Master Page on the left and forgot that most music starts on the right-hand page before I established the habit of copying the left page to the right so they would be the same.

(Lots to remember when dealing with Master Pages, but worth it.)