Master Page confusion

I am having trouble understanding Master Pages. Specifically, the first page of my score is using the Default Master Page (in the Default Full Score set) and when I switch it using the “Insert Page Template Change” it gives me my first page, but it duplicates it. I think I may be doing something wrong with Flow Headings… I know this may sound like an elementary question, but I would appreciate a (kind & gentle) solution. Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Dave,

What are you trying to switch it to? Can you attach project (or sample of)?

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I’m trying to switch it to 1st page

Chances are that you’ve done something to your First Master Page that means that Dorico can’t use it by default. The most likely contender is that the frame chain for the music frame (one of the filters in the top left corner) isn’t set to a Master Frame Chain. Typically it should be set to “MA”. If the current selection begins with an “L” rather than an “M”, that’s almost definitely the problem. (L stands for Layout Frame, meaning a manual one that exists outside of the master frame chain. M stands for Master Frame Chain, and MA is the default one, though you may have multiple master frame chains in complex setups.)

So there are Page Template Sets, which contain a First and a Default Page Template.

By default there are a Full Score and a Part Page Template Set.

If you are using a Full Score Page Template Set, by default the first page should be the First Page Template, and the rest should be the Default Page Template

Do you have any overrides (red triangles) in the Pages section of the right zone?

That was it! Thanks, Leo! I have no idea how I changed that…

Damn it… all of that for no reason and it wasn’t even the solution.

Thanks Leo.