Master page "drop out"...

When working with imported master pages it sometimes happens, when working on the final parts layout, the screen turns black. When looking in the master Page section of layout Options it turns out that the setting has dropped out, even though I’ve earlier set Master Page Set to use the imported set.


Without steps to reproduce the problem I’m not sure there’s anything we can do. Make sure you select all parts in the Layout Options dialog before you choose the new master page set.

I’ve done the following steps:

  1. Importing the Master Page set in the Masterpage Sets section of the right panel
  2. Selecting all parts in layout Options and select the imported Master Page Set in the Master Page section of Layout options.

The imported set now correctly shows up in the right panel for each part. I can’t see any pattern in when the dropout occurs, it seems just random.
This actual project I’m working on is also created from scratch and not with any old template.

Another strange thing when importing Master Pages is that Paragraph Styles created for the layout gets duplicated en masse.

With theese steps the Master page drops out all the time:

  1. Step 1 & 2 as mentioned above
  2. Reset the Part Layout to Saved Defaults in Layout Options
  3. Select a note.
  4. Toggle back and forth to the score with “W”

I’m unable to reproduce this behaviour. Is it possible that you’ve done ‘Save as Default’ for part layouts using a master page set that isn’t included in the project? Then when you reset to your saved defaults, Dorico may well be trying to choose a master page set that’s unavailable.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened, and I thought I wrote it here as soon as I found out about it.
I’m sorry for taking your time for such an obvious “issue”…

When it comes to the Paragraph duplicates, it seems that Dorico adds the duplicates if I’ve used the Paragraph on multiple places separated by a line break. E.g. in the Footer left on the pic below I have two rows of text separated a line break. Each row gets its own Paragraph when importing that master Page even though I haven’t separated the two rows with different paragraphs in the original.

Just to say that, after several weeks, I’ve finally had a chance to look into this and the problem with duplicated paragraph styles in exported master pages will be solved in the next update, though you’ll need to re-export your master pages to benefit from the fix.

Great news! Thanks!

Wohooo, sounds great, THANKS! :slight_smile: