Master Page Editor

When creating a new master page template, how would one copy go about copying the left hand page to the right? It seems it’s not currently possible to select more than one frame at a time, nor to copy and paste frames – though I could be missing something obvious.

No, you’re not missing anything obvious. I’m afraid at the moment you have to do each side in turn. We hope to add features to copy and paste frames between pages (including in the master page editor) soon.

My boxed set of Dorico arrived today. This programme is going to take some getting used to but it I’m enjoying playing with it. It looks very promising indeed, and Daniel and co. have done a great job. I’ve already imported an XML file much more successfully than Sib7.5 was able to manage!

Here’s the question. I am experimenting with changing the fonts of the title etc. in the master page editor - mostly OK. But I can’t work out how to change the font of the page number other than altering it on every individual page,which is boring. There must be an easier way, surely?


See below:

In Engraving mode go to the Engraving menu and pick “Font Styles.” There is an option for page numbers in the drop down menu there.

Aha! Thank you. The change needs to be in “paragraph styles” rather than “font styles” (or perhaps both?) in the drop-down Engrave menu, but I’ve got it to work. I have much to learn.