Master Page edits reversible?

Hello, I would like to produce performing material from my score. For this I will have to make edits, probably to the Master Pages of parts. Before I wreck anything, is this procedure reversible? Orherwise I would have to do all edits manually…

I would make a backup with Save as… and… explore !
Of course, you need to know that you would loose whatever casting off work you’ve done before, but in any case, this casting off has to be done really at the end of the workflow.

thank you Marc, I will dive into it.

k-b, why not make a copy of your master page (in the Master Page Set area) and work from that one? That way you can change things as much as you want and just go back to the original one at any time. Let me know if you want more instruction on how to do this. It’s a very elegant solution. And I don’t believe you are limited to just one copy. You could have “Version 1”, “Version 2”, etc. And this technique can be done for Scores as well! :slight_smile:

this definitely gives me something to do :wink:
… and look forward to