Master page export/import?

I’ve been scouring the forum and tutorials to no avail, so I’m thinking the answer is going to be “not at this time” but … is there a way to set up a master page in one project and then use that master page in other projects? Would love to do it, but ready to move on to plan B if it’s not currently a feature.


Right now in the process of learning Dorico, I would also like to have a definitive answer to this question.
I also assume that with 1.2 some changes may appear.

But at this point I can describe how I succesfully can use the Master Page settings of an existing document for a new document.
Note that I do not achieve this with directly importing or exporting any Master Page setting but rather through opening my own default document and importing content into this document.
At the moment in order to learn Dorico I recreate scores I made with Finale, so I import the content into Dorico with the function Import xml.
Here a step by step explanation.

  1. Create a document with Master Pages settings to your liking.
  2. Delete the flow(s) of the document
  3. Delete all Players (and Groups) and use the option “Delete Players Only”
  4. Create your content or import content
  5. After the import delete the empty Parts Layouts
  6. Save your project under a new name

With this method I have in the new document exactly the Master Page settings of the first document.

For some reasons that I do not understand, this works only if I do not close Dorico after deleting the flow of an existing file.
It means that saving a project after deleting the flow(s) as a default file template does not work as the Parts Layouts seem to disappear when you reopen this document.
It is necessary to first open a file with the right Master Page, delete the flow and without closing Dorico import the content you want (in my case an xml file).
So beware the way I use is probably something unusual or uncomplete or whatever.

Also note that after deleting the flow you can also delete all Groups and the Players BUT you have to keep the Parts Layouts!
So when you delete the players choose the option “Delete Players only”.
Then you will have Empty Parts Layouts
When you import a xml file choose “Create all new players”.
After importing your content you will have to delete the empty Parts Layouts

I corrected the steps correspondingly.

Rather than using XML files, if you’re already working in dorico there’s nothing to stop you exporting flows and then importing them to a project that already has your master pages setup correctly.

Thanks. This won’t help me with a batch of existing scores I’m finishing up today, but that’s OK, have already adjusted MPs by hand. Would love to be able to see a folder of custom master pages, select one and apply it to the nearly finished score i’m working on.

Yes of course. As I am new to Dorico I only tried with xml.

I would like this too!
In case you want to use my method for a new piece please re-read my previous post as I have corrected the steps.

Very helpful, thanks.