Master Page Font Sizes

Hi there!

I’ve been making some master pages for the covers of my scores (i.e. the title page and info page), and I’ve had some troubles when exporting and importing into different scores. In my info page, I have some titles that are all 24pt text size. I exported the master page this way, and imported it to another score. When I applied it, I saw the font size grew to 33pt. I changed it back down to 24pt, and then thought to test it by exporting that master page, and replacing the first one I did, then importing it into the first score. When I imported it and applied it, the text size went down this time, and I just have no clue why this happens. Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

It may depend on which text styles you’re using for your titles, and whether they’re linked to the space size you have set for your staves. If your font sizes are set to be staff-relative, they may change sizes when being exported into other documents with a different rastral size.