Master Page for each flow?

I am assembling a collection of separate pieces for solo piano and was wondering if I could do so in a single file in Dorico.

I can’t figure out how to make it appear as if they are all separate pieces, because each new flow only has the flow heading. Is there a way to make the master page apply to each flow? I need the details on each new flow (copyright, composer, etc.) which flows do not include, and it appears there is no such thing as a “flow footer” for the copyright especially.

I know I can apply a master page, but those are tied to the page number and not the flow. So, if it isn’t possible to assign a master page for each flow, I will do that at the very end at whatever page numbers the new flow happens to fall on.

Thanks for any information

You want these Layout Options, basically.

Thank you! I was searching in Engrave and it didn’t occur to me to look in Layout

Note to self for future use (and anyone else with this question): Make sure you remove all Master Page Changes in the pages in Engrave Mode. The Layout settings won’t take effect until you do so.