Master page in Dorico 4

I don’t see the “master pages” in Dorico 4. Are they rebranded as page templates? I created a cover page in full score set but am unable to copy that into the parts. I thought I’ve done it in 3.5 without having to create it twice. Am I wrong? How do you guys do this?

All the same functionality should be there, they’ve simply been renamed as “page templates”.


Thank you. Is it possible to create one cover page and use it for both the score and parts?

Not directly, but if you create it in, say, your Full Score set of page templates, you can then export that set, and then import the cover page into the Part set of page templates.

(It should be even simpler than that, if the cover page exists in a page template set that’s already in the project – you can just import it into the part set from the full score set, say. You only need to export/import whole sets if the individual page template you want isn’t already somewhere in the current project.)

Got it. One more question on the topic:
I created a cover page template in parts set, and added it to each instrument one at a time(please let me know if there’s a faster way btw). Then realized I didn’t include the layout name token. Went back and changed the template. This didn’t update any of the cover pages in parts. I have to delete each one and add again for it to update. Is this right?

If you insert a new page and select a page template as part of the inserting-pages mechanism, it goes in as a page override; you’ll see it has a red triangle on its page in the right panel.

That’s different to a page template change applied to a single page, which is indicated with a green line. Pages with local overrides don’t pick up subsequent changes to page templates. Try assigning the cover page template to the first page in each layout, then remove the local page overrides.

In future, you also don’t need to insert pages: just assign the cover page directly to page 1. If the cover page template doesn’t contain a music frame that’s part of the MA frame chain (or whatever is set up on the Default page template to be the “primary” sequence of music), Dorico will automatically push the first page of music back a page. You will however probably need to either change this option to “Any flow at top of page” or apply the First page template onto the first page of music (because the first page of music is no longer the very first page, so Dorico falls back to using the Default page template).

wow, thank you Lillie. What you’re saying is, I should select 1st page in each part, and “insert page template change” instead of insert page, so that any changes I make will be reflected.

But I do still need to do this manually for each part, right? There’s no way to assign the cover page to automatically become the first page for each part?

That’s right, you have to do it for each layout.

got it, thank you!

@Lillie_Harris , I’d love to see @Anthony_at_Steinberg do a short video on this importing from a Score Template to a Part Template in the same file. As clear as I think your description is in the manual, I’s feel more confident to see it in action before risking one of my files. I am really glad this capability exists, as in the past I’ve been creating duplicate Templates from scratch for Score and Parts.

Importing a page template set doesn’t affect anything in the project, unless you change the page template assigned to a layout. It just adds it as another “option” available in the project. Likewise if you import an individual page template that’s not a First or Default type, it won’t affect the layout until you assign it to specific pages.

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Thank you, Lillie.

On a side note: MP was a great abbreviation for Master Page in this forum. Unfortunately PT could stand for Page Template or the already established Playing Technique. It would be helpful if forum users could agree on an abbreviation for Page Template that was unambiguous.

PgT maybe?

Abbreviations exclude users who do not read here regularly. Why not use “Page Template” and “Master Page” at least once in the message and abbreviations if the terms occur more than once?