Master page related questions

I’ve created a couple of different Master Pages to cover some different needs in my parts and when importing those into new projects there are some things happening:

  1. For some reason the Frame Chain changes in the imported ones from the default MA to e.g. ML, MY, MU etc. So every time I have to change this in the Master Pages. I’ve made these as Custom Master Pages and not based upon any other existing Master Page. Does this have anything to do with it?
    When I’ve made them as First or based upon another Master Page, they seem to be linked to each other so that if I change in one, the same thing changes in the other.

  2. When importing Master Pages a bunch of Paragraph doublets are added in the Paragraph Styles menu.

Another question, not really related to the Master Pages:
I’ve done a lot of settings in the Paragraph styles and the Font Styles. How can I apply those settings in an old Dorico project. In the Paragraphs I can only see Revert to Factory, not Revert to saved defaults as in the Notation options.

I tried once more exporting the custom Master Pages for parts and made sure all had the MA-Fram chain. When importing them into new projects the frame chains changes to different ones in all the imported Master Pages.
Why is that and what am I doing wrong?

Daniel has previously stated that this is how it’s supposed to work. I don’t know why, off the top of my head.
edit: Read this

Oki, Thanks Leo! Then I know I’m not doing anything wrong anyway.
The only way I’ve found to re-link the imported Master Pages is to open them and manually change the frame chain before doing any Master page changes. Or are there some other smarter way to do that?
The problem, I guess, is that I have three different first-pages and two default-pages.

When it comes to the duplicates of paragraph styles, that must be some kind of bug, or…?

Hooray, now I understand how to import Master Pages without having the issue with the changing of Frame Chains.

At first I thought I should import them from the Master Pages side bar in Engrave, which is a bit time consuming since you have to do it one by one. But when selecting from the layout Options instead it works perfectly. Hooraaaay! :slight_smile: