Master Page Set does not apply

I have a score with four instruments. All parts do use the same Master Page Set. But one part does not show the correct design. The other parts are correct; they come from another score in which I had edited the default master pages. The one part in questions is a newly added instruments and it seems to apply the non-edited master page. How can I handle this?

Go into Layout Options. Ensure that you’ve selected the correct layout on the left hand side of the dialog. Then in the Page Setup category you’ll find the Master Page Set option. Select the correct master page set. Click Apply then Close.

Note to developers: I’ve noticed that this list doesn’t necessarily autopopulate with correct names for layouts. See screenshot.

The Layout-options-page shows “default-master-page” for the part in question, but the displayed page does not look like pages of the other parts.

You’ve said that that other parts use an edited version of the Default Master Page. Within that set there is a First page and a Default Page. Is there a possibility that you’ve defined a third page there? If so, you’ll need to not only ensure that your new part uses the Default Master Page set but ALSO go into Engraving mode and do a master page change to get it to use your own master page.

Leo, the reason you don’t see the name of the master page set shown in Layout Options is because you have multiple layouts selected and the master page set chosen for the selected layouts are not the same.

Daniel - I can confirm that Leo is correct - the drop down menu does not show the newly created Master Page Set, even though only one layout is selected.
Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.43.28 AM.png

Yep. I haven’t had a chance to dig up that project, but I believe I’m pretty sure it only contains one layout, so it can’t be that

You’re quite right: it’s not using the correct name for user-created master page sets. I’ll make sure this gets fixed.