Master Page Set for Cover Pages?


In the past I have always just created cover pages by adding new pages based on master page “None”, and using that document as a template. However, occasionally I make some changes to my standard front matter layout and want to go back and update old scores to the new layout. This is a manual process at the moment.

Instead of doing this, I was wondering whether it might make more sense to create a new master page set called “Cover Page Set” which would include the cover page (as the right page) plus front matter (as the left page). Then I could set those up as my standard cover page and front matter page, and the export and import options for master page sets that were added in 3.0 would allow me to import those into older files to update them.

I’m wondering whether that will work, and whether it would be a good idea (i.e. are there any disadvantages to doing that that I am not thinking of?).


I usually do it the way you described:

  1. Create a new master page, calling it title. Add the title page design and tokens to the right sight, add the performance notes layout to the left side.
  2. chose the first two pages and create a master page change for these two with my new master page.
  3. make sure, that in layout options, the “first” page will always be used when a flow starts at the top of the page

no need to add any pages manually, as they will introduce page overrides, which you want to avoid.