Master Page set, selection not showing

Over the past month I’ve learnt more than I ever though possible about Dorico, but my brain is still unable to encompass Master Page Sets. I created a new master page set for a full score, and named them (based on First and Default), and they certainly appear here in the Engrave view panel:

But not here where I need to make the choice for the layout (this is a video only because the dropdown menu collapsed if I tried to take a screenshot):

In order to be able to work with the correct layout, what do I need to do? There don’t seem to be any more buttons to press. (BTW, I have looked at some previous threads, but am putting my question as they aren’t particularly current .)

Master page sets contain individual master pages. The master page set in your first screenshot (in the Pages panel) shows the Default Full Score master page set. Inside that set, you have added custom master pages. Basically, master page sets are the biscuit tins into which you assemble your required biscuit collection (master pages being the biscuits in this analogy).

Here’s a clarifier - in yellow, the master page set. In red, the master pages contained within the displayed master page set.

In Engrave mode, the bottom section in the panel on the right is the Master Page Sets panel. If you wanted to create an entirely separate master page set, that’s where you can do that.

You can’t assign an individual master page to an entire layout, because generally you need at least 2 master pages to cover all the pages in that layout - the First, and the Default. You can however assign individual master pages to pages in a layout (provided the master page you want to use is in the set assigned to the layout - if it’s not, you can import it or create it).

Many thanks, Lillie. I can’t understand why I can’t get my head around this topic, so your guidance is invaluable. I’ve used the ‘assign…’ command to do what I needed for every page in the score, and Bob was my uncle! :grin:

One bit advice I’d give based on experience: give your personal master page sets new names (like ggMasterPages_Score and ggMasterPages_Parts). Otherwise Dorico creates its own composite name for your imported set; it does not like to override tits default set.
Also, I found I needed separate MP’s for scorse and parts.

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Thanks very much for the advice, Derrek. Master pages are certainly Masters of Me at the moment!

See if playing around with this is helpful. I use a version to create new MP’s, Master Flow Headers, and MP Sets. If I mess it up, no real harm done.
MasterPageConstructionTemplate.dorico (392.1 KB)

I’ll certainly take a look at that, Derrek - many thanks.