Master Page Sets

Hello Dorico community, I’m still trying to fully understand Master Pages and their Sets. A few questions…
(1) If I edit the Default Master Page Set, does the original remain unchanged?
(2) I tried to create a new Master Page Set, but could not. The “+” button in Master Page Sets would not highlight, and nothing happened when I pushed it.
(3) So I created a new Master Page within the default set. Is there any way I can move it to the new Master Page Set, if I can create it?
(4) I applied my new Master Page (called First CC Part Named) to a score I’m working on. It looks fine with most of the parts. Here, eg, is the Bass part.

But in the drum part (and piano part) the tops and bottoms of the letters in the Layout Name have been cut off…

Since all these parts are using the same Master Page (First CC Part Named), why are the Layout names not looking the same?
Here’s first pages of the score if anyone wants to see it
Amen Dorico (650 KB)
Thanks for any help

Can you start by deleting the other two threads please? Otherwise you’re potentially going to end up with three sets of advice…

You have an inconsistency in Layout Options:
Roughly half of your part layouts have the following margins set:

Roughly the other half of your part layouts have the following margins set:

Dorico can’t reconcile the differences, so you’ve ended up with frames drifting outside the margins. Fix your margins in Layout Options. The quickest way is probably to identify the layout you like, Save as Default, then grab the other part layouts and Reset to Saved Defaults. You can always restore factory settings by holding down the Alt/Opt key and clicking the Reset to Factory Settings button that appears.

Hello Leo
I wasn’t aware there were three posts. I had a lot of difficulty posting. The site kept telling me that I didn’t have the right to post. Then, once I got it posted, I revised it a couple of times. I’m still not seeing the three posts, so I can’t delete the others.
Thanks for your advice on my current problem. That makes sense.

I think the duplicates have already been deleted. Admins are pretty responsive on this forum.

Somebody (a mod?) has helpfully removed the triplicate threads.

In answer to your other questions:

  1. No, if you edit a Master Page you edit a Master Page. It will update accordingly anywhere that Master Page is used within this Dorico project. It will not have any bearing on any other Dorico projects.

  2. The + button in the Master Page Sets section needs to know whether you’re about to build a Part Page Set or a Full Score Page Set. Select either Default Part or Default Full Score before you hit the plus button.

  3. No, Master Page Sets are separate. You can’t move a page from one set to another.

Bear in mind that this area is still in development - the developers know that, for example, we need easy means of transferring master pages from one project to another.

Thanks Leo (and Dan). Good to know that the Master Pages are still being fine-tuned.