Master Page Settings not applying to voice part

I’m working on a project for a small jazz ensemble with a singer. All the parts look how I’d like save for the voice part, which just says “voice” at the top. It looks like it’s following the setting for the default master page rather than the “first” page, even though it’s on page 1. I’m sure I could enter the title and composer and whatnot manually, but I thought I’d see if there’s an easier way to fix it!

Is the layout set to use the First master page correctly? Perhaps it might be easier to share the project (or a cut-down version that just demonstrates the issue if you prefer) here in this thread.

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A Little Taste.dorico (2.0 MB)
Thanks for the quick response! Here’s the file. As far as I can tell the master page settings are correct in Layout Options. At least they’re the same as the other parts.

Never mind. I just did exactly what you said, and it fixed the issue. I’ll work on my reading comprehension!

You sure? :wink:

Here’s your project back - by the way, instead of manually deleting the flow title from the first page in every layout, use this layout option. Much quicker, much easier, and doesn’t result in page overrides.

I set it to use the Silence playback template so the file size is smaller.

A Little Taste_LH.dorico (589.1 KB)