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When I change a master page, the changes will not be visible until I delete the master page in each part, and then add it again. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you explain a bit more about what exactly you’re doing? I’m not understanding exactly what’s going on. You can’t delete the First and Default master pages that are automatically generated for each Master Page Set.

Maybe you have page overrides, the little red triangle. If so control-click and remove page overrides.


I make a title page for parts, and call it “title”. Then I add this page before page one. Annoyingly enough that has to be done for each individual part. When I change something in my title(master)page, the changes don’t appear in the parts that I already provided with the title page, only in the parts where I add it after changing the title(master)page.

It should be noted that there are different master pages for the score and the part. Perhaps you are editing the score master page rather than one for a part? Make sure you select the correct category from the drop down before you make your edits.
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.35.02 AM

Yes, I did that.
Is there another way to add a master page to each part, without individually adding them?
I use Dorico 4.

No, I agree this would be nice. At present you have to make a Master Page Change for each layout.

There’s a little detail in this area that it sounds like you’re running into: inserting a page that starts off using a selected page template still results in a page override, rather than a page with a page template change. Maybe think of it as “I want to insert an extra page whose jumping off point uses the frames as set up on this page template”.

You can also then assign the page template change to the inserted page, then remove page overrides. Assigning a title page directly to page 1 in a layout will also result in the first full page of music getting pushed to p2, provided there isn’t a music frame in the MA frame chain on your title page template. (although, the first page of music won’t use the First page template unless the layout option is set to use the First page template for any flow starting at the top of the page, or you insert a page template change to the First page template.)

PS apologies for how many times I’ve written “page template” in this reply.


Thanks Lillie, that’s a comprehensive answer, I will look into that! Thank you for taking the time, I appreciate it.

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