Master Pages, coda section, problem

Here is the issue I am having:

I some what understand Master Pages, and barely understand frame chains… so let’s start there.

I am working on a solo book (single staff marimba solos). One of the solos has a D.S. al Coda format. I figured out how to use the text tool to create the Segno and the Coda, and to type the text D.S. al Coda… all good so far.

This book is a collection of 20 solos (each progressively harder), and this solo falls in the middle around flow 13. I created a separate flow for the coda section, and had it on the same page as the main part. Staff spacing was a little wonky, but I think I could play around some and make things work.

Issue is once I do that, the Coda section still appears on the next page. And after playing with it, some… The very first piece of the book appeared. I am under the impression that adding the new music frame, creates an unlinked frame, and I know that this is in the middle of the book. How do I make the next frame still follow the format for the rest of the solos?

New music frame with Coda section:

Next page still showing the Coda flow on a new page instead of the next solo:
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 5.30.24 PM.png
Did I explain this clearly?


[Edit] : Playing around with it, it appears I can move staves into the blue-ish padding. For some reason I thought Dorico was preventing me from doing so, but I just got staves to move in the blue-ish zone. So no need to answer this.

Also to follow up on this question… there is a “blue-ish” padding that exists in the music frame on both the top and the bottom. I think I understand it’s purpose, but is there a way to maybe adjust the size of the blue padding?


Dear Robby,

If you do not want the same music to appear at different locations on the different music frames, make sure they are all linked together — using MA is the easiest I think. I mean : all music frames should have the same MA or LA (or whatever second letter) on the top left corner.

The blue area at the top and bottom of the music frame is the padding value determined by default in Layout Options or on a per-frame basis via Properties.

I would need to see your project to understand why the first page of the music is appearing again following your coda, but normally this is because you have overridden the layout in such a way that Dorico thinks it hasn’t finished laying out the music in the frame chain that comes from the master pages (i.e. the music frame normally labeled MA on the ‘Default’ and ‘First’ master pages), so it takes steps to make sure that music appears.

Thanks Daniel, I will e-mail you the file and link to this forum thread.