Master pages copy/paste between Full Score and Parts folder possible?

I love the Master Page section and created 3 extended house styles for the publishers I work for, including front and back matter. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way within Dorico to copy/duplicate pages between the Full Score and the Parts section or use MP from the Full Score section in the Part section and vice versa which would be very helpful, because the front matter for parts and Full score is the same in my house styles. If not inside Dorico, is there a finder way to copy MP between these 2 folders?

I’m not exactly sure what the Full Score and Parts folder is. But if these are files and folder in the Finder, then it should be easy enough to script something that moves files from one to the other.

I don’t think they are real finder folders, with folder I meant the part and full score locations in Dorico. I searched for the locations in the finder where MP are being kept, but could not find them.

??? The score layouts and master pages in a Dorico document are all going to be part of the document file that they belong to. There aren’t separate files for master pages.

I was thinking of them the same way as templates in Sibelius, but maybe that isn’t a good comparison.

Ben, they’re separate Master Page Sets within the same document. I don’t know whether it’s possible to copy pages from the Part Set to the Score Set - I’ve not tried.

After doing so much research I decided to re-create the front and back matter for the parts which went much faster than doing the research… :slight_smile: