Master Pages Sets again

Congratulations for this great 1.2 Update!

The last information I could find about import/export or copy Master Pages Sets is this:

Then this workaround:

I do not see in 1.2 any option to copy Master Pages Sets. Will this feature be soon considered?

I found a halfbacked way to get a master page setting in a new document (described in this thread: but it is not really practical for existing documents.
As I can imagine that it may take several months for this feature to be implemented I am interested at the moment in Daniel’s workaround but I fear it would be too much hassle because in these days of learning Dorico, my ideal Master Page Set is changing very often as soon as I discover a new feature and I don’t want to ask every two days for your help!

Daniel, is your workaround maybe something I could could manage by myself?
I mean is this something like unzip a master- and a target-Dorico file, finding some text in a xml file from the master file and copying it in a xml of the target file and then re-zipping? Or something similar?
If yes, this is something I am able to do easily.
In this case I would be glad if you could reveal your workaround.

I’m afraid the magic I can do is not magic that you can do yourself, but I can do it for you if you email me the project that contains your perfect master pages and the project you want to make them available in. I can’t promise to turn it around instantly, unfortunately, and I would prefer to do it only once rather than to receive new versions from you every day or two…

Thanks for your answer.
I will pass then because I am indeed very far from a perfect Master Pages Set!

But could you please tell if the Import/Export of Master Pages Set is a soon to be implemented feature?

We haven’t yet planned out what features will be included in our next release(s), so I can’t say for sure, but in general being able to import/export data of various kinds between projects is definitely a reasonably high priority.

Hello Daniel,

during the last weeks it has been asked several times again about import/export Master Pages.
Do you have any news on this?
Is it something we can expect soon?

It’s not going to be included in the next update, but beyond that I can’t give any more concrete information, I’m afraid.