Master Pages small issue and wishes

I recently had an issue editing a master page, unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it but maybe somebody has experienced the same?
I went to the default and added a text box at the bottom. It was for the editor and quite small in height.
When I reopened the text box had grown extremely in height (approx. 10-20 times) and had flipped down under the page margin. Another time when I reopened it had just grown in height. Anybody know that issue? Again, unfortunately I wasn’t able later to reproduce it. Will keep digging eventually.
Another thing we all know and love since quite a while is copying the page layout from left to right or from right to left. I would wish for 6 more buttons here and was wondering if they might be on the agenda.
2 Buttons to copy from left to right/from right to left but in a mirror fashion (like the page numbers) and 4 Buttons to copy from left to right/from right to left with selected frames (mirror or normal).

All the best and thanks again for the support here!


It’s possible that if you changed the Page Size, then frames can move about unexpectedly. Check the “Constraints” - the 4 padlocks in the left-hand panel when you edit the Master.

These will decide whether each side of the frame is locked to the edge of the page, or not.