Master pages vs Flows


I just started to work on a project. Six arrangements for big band. What 's happened with the default Master Pages for full score and parts? Have they been updated in the 2.2 version? When starting a new score things are happening that I don’t want.

In Full score I get the Project Title and beneath that I get 1. Flow Title. Same thing in parts. I’m arranging one song at a time, one project for each song. How do I get rid of this?
I only need Title, Flow 1 or 2 whatever is not necessary. I figured out how to get rid of the 1.Flow in full score. Haven’t managed to get rid of that in Parts.
Screen shot 2018-12-19 kl. 08.28.37.png

One of the big new features in 2.2 was Flow Headings. You can turn them off in Layout Options, if you don’t want them. Parts and Score use different sets of Options.

Thanks, found it! Wow, that’s very neat!