Master Presets don't remember bypass settings

I’ve saved a Master Section preset with my various plugins all loaded, but I saved them with certain plugins set to Bypass (red line rather than green tick). But when I recall that preset, all of the plugins come up as active (all green ticks).

Why is that ?

No reply ? Is this a bug ? Looks like one !

This is not a bug, this was designed so, because bypass states are rather temporary settings. But why not changing this someday.

I hope that you change this behavious in WL8 or at least make it as an option whether to remember Bypass status.

Same here, wish the master preset would recall bypass setting. However, I have found that the power/effect on/off setting is stored/recalled. So that helps.

Hello, if i’m not wrong, bypassed plugs in MS will be rendered anyway. The only way not to render a plug is by the I/O button, as mentioned.