master presets not on C:

hi. is there a way in wl7.11 saving a master preset somewherelse than in c:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Presets\Master Section\xyz ?
i have a new SSD for the system (C: + D:) and would like to avoid writing user-data on these partitions on the SSD as far as possible.

You can choose your setting location, see:
If you change it, you might like to copy your old settings to the new place.

BTW, what is your motivation for not writing these on a SSD drive?

thanks, PG. i’ll try that.

as far as i understood, in short…a ssd has supposedly around 3000 writing accesses through lifespan. after that a memorycell is done and replaced by another. so it seems to be reasonable to decrease writing data on a ssd as far as possible. therefore i try to dislocate all temporary data of programs to partitions on common magnetic harddiscs.

(i my case, my ocz vertex3 has a capacity of 120gb and produced, during the partitioning process, another special, not adressible, partition of 100gb. according to the explanation of the functionality of a ssd, i assume that this 100gb is used for storing memorycells to replace exhausted cells of the system partition during the life of the ssd - so this theory make sense to me)

i’ll post a link as soon as i’ve found the website where i read this on ssds

worked perfectly :slight_smile: (so far)
chose ‘specific folder’, copied all content from c:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\ to the new location, overwriting the new start-up-defaults and, whoops, wl7 is looking like before and i can save master presets to a different folder.
…hope there is no negative effect on some wl7 functionality.