Master Rig Equlizer A Auto Listen (Wavelab Elements 64bit)

Just updated to Wavelab Elements 9.0.20 64bit and its still dose not seem right. Master Rig Equalizer A Band 1,2 and 3 don’t seem too Auto Listen properly interestingly Band 4 Dose.

Test Methodology

Loaded in a audio file, (24bit, 48 Hz Stereo .wav)
Added Master Rig to FX slot 1
Added Equalizer A to slot 1 in Master Rig
Activated Auto Listen
Set all 4 EQ Bands to peak with a gain or around 6db and Q of Around 12, and Swept them one at a time up and down the Frequency Range.

Only Band 4 Solo’s / Emphasises the Frequency the Band is Currently At. This is both audible and shown in the Frequency Analyser.

Can somebody run the test on there set up to confirm my findings?

I think you’re right. With Elements 64bit, band 4 is ok, but band 1,2, and 3 are not. It’s easiest to hear if you set a pretty sharp Q like 15-20, and drag the dots up and down +10 -10 db. With band 1,2, or 3 you’re still hearing frequencies well outside the bands you should be hearing.

I think the 32bit Pro version is ok though. All the bands checked ok here.

Windows 7.

Hi bob99,

you are right. It is a bug and will be fixed for the next version.


Amazing Looking forwards to this been fixed.