Master Rig in user manual ?

I know there are some good videos giving an overview of the Master Rig, but I can’t find any mention of it in the user/owner manual PDF ? It doesn’t appear in the Index as a subject/topic, and I can’t find mention of the individual components there either …maybe I am looking at an early version of the manual ?

A lot of the Master Rig functions are intuitive and easy to grasp, but I think there should be a mention of such a key feature in it somewhere…I get the feeling the WLPro9 manual is a re-write of the WL8 manual, and editing/updating of it was stopped, just before the Master Rig was incorporated ?

Am I missing it…or is a re-write of the manual required, to incorporate MasterRig ?

OK…so the official video shows that if Master Rig disappears in the effects pane, I go to Steinberg > Mastering> Master Rig

I go to ‘Steinberg’ in the index of the manual…nothing there ? So there must be a whole “other” manual, an updated addendum or appendix, which has Master Rig in it…the starring new addition to WLPro 9 ? No ? Maybe it is being written just now, and is soon to be added…Manual version 9.0.35 ?

In the WL 9 Elements manual, it is referred to as MasterRig. There are 2 mentions, but not of the individual components themselves.

Yes, there is. It’s called WL Pro Plugin Reference. Not just Master Rig in there, but as the title suggests, all plugins including legacy, Steinberg, Sonnox restoration, Batch plugins etc. Not sure how I came by it, but it’s probably under documentation or help files from within WL itself. Which is always a good place to start :wink:

Page 724 in the WL 9 Pro manual.

Thank you Arjan P and dougb415, I’ve located it with your help…I think I missed it by not considering it a ‘plug-in’ but rather as something more integral as a feature of WL9. I appreciate your help !