Master Rig settings lost in montage clips

I’m really enjoying the new Master Rig. However, spent a lot of yesterday building a master for an album - using Master Rig in Montage clip effects on selected songs. Recalling this saved montage today - all Master Rig settings are zeroed, each instance presenting itself in initial state. Other 3rd party plugs remain intact. I don’t know if this is related - but all my preferences appeared to have reset to default on launch today. Anybody else experienced this? Would be great to get my Master Rig settings back. Seem to have lost a day’s work:-/



I am updated to 9.0.15 BTW I see this was in part a fix for issues with Master Rig.

Ok - so further…

Found I could get settings back by clicking on empty scene then back to scene 1. But each parameter seems to need to be switched off then on again to activate. Sort of works:-/

We are aware of this. This is only a display issue, and you have found the work around.

Ah ok. Thanks for your response.