Master Rig window partly disapears

If I have the Master Rig window open and then click on the any other window (eg the montage window), most of the Master Rig window disappears. All that is left is a grid for the frequency display. Folding and Unfolding the Master Rig window will fix it, or clicking somewhere on the window will show the modules - clicking on one of them will then also fix it. Very frustrating for a smooth workflow! Also, I can’t move the Master Rig window to a second monitor. I can move plug-in windows and the main window but not the Master Rig. (Wavelab Pro10 10.0.40, Mac 10.13.6). Any advice appreciated!

Update first to WL 10.0.50
and second try with at least OSX Mojave,
if you search you will find graphical issue with plugins
High Sierra and earlier version of WaveLab.

regards S-EH

Thanks for your prompt reply! (this is my first post) I’m not sure if my iMac (mid 2011) will take Mojave but I will check it out. Also, I wasn’t sure about WL 10.0.50 with High Sierra - I’m always a bit reluctant to upgrade while things are mostly going ok but I will try that. I have Mojave on my laptop so I will see how WL behaves on that as well. I will also search those topics you mentioned.
Thanks again,
Regards MB