Master section not saved with montage anymore?

Just switched from WL6 to WL8.01.

  1. When saving a montage I expect the master section to be saved as well with plugs and dither.
    When starting a new montage I expect the master section to be cleared.

Now the master section is intact between montages. And if I remove the plugs and dither it won’t load with the montage when I re-open it. I don’t get this…

2. When I load a montage it opens in a new window. I don’t want that, can I turn this feature off?

  1. This has not changed compared to WaveLab 6. To automatically save the Master Section preset, there is an option to activate.
    In WaveLab 6, the Master Section is not cleared when creating a new montage, same in WaveLab 8.
    What’s new in WaveLab 8, is the Master plugin section included in each montage. This seems to be what you are looking for.

  2. Do you mean you only want one montage open at any time? This is not possible, I was never asked this before.

Thanks PG,

  1. I just reinstalled WL6 and you are of course right, now I’m utterly confused. :confused: Forget about it though.

  2. No, but when opening another montage instance in WL6 it opened within WL so to speak. Now another WL instance is opened as well so when I click the X wanting to close WL completely it closes the project, not WL. Just wanted to know if this feature was optional.

I think you are opening a new workspace. What you should do is to open a montage inside the same workspace. Make sure to read the manual.

Yes that’s a good idea. :blush:

No, I think since philipgbg is coming from WL6, he is still used to having the editor and the montage in the same single Wavelab window. This was a major change with WL7; having two or three windows open. The control window, the editor window and the montage window. I’m still quite inconvenienced with this, when trying to restore a full WL session, control and editor window, when coming from another software (Cubase usually). But one learns to live with it…