Master Section not saving with Audio Montage ?

When I save and reload an Audio Montage, my Master Section is empty - it didn’t get saved with the Audio Montage, een though I’ve ticked ‘Auto Save Master Section Preset’.

I don’t understand this behaviour - why would WL not save the Master Section as part of a montage ? And what is the point of the ‘Auto Save Master Section Preset’ ? Where is it being saved - do I have to manually reload it after loading a montage ?

I don’t have an answer but it’s a big part of why I just don’t use the global master section except occasionally for a quick destructive process to an audio file.

I was thankful when WaveLab 8 added the montage output effects section so that any effects that I want applied to the montage globally are fully stored within the montage without an extra step or room for user or software error.

i’ve developed a workflow that allows me to work with montages without the need of the global master section and never looked back.

When I save and reload an Audio Montage, my Master Section is empty

Saving is automatic, but loading is not, by design. You must explicit load it from the dedicated button.
If it was automatic, the Master Section would be reloaded each time you active a montage, and this would be too slow.

And it shouldn’t load automatically, because the master section is global. It would be terrible for my workflow if any reloaded montage would change the master section.

But where is it being saved ?? I can’t find it anywhere … not very intuitively handled at the moment I’d say. And what “dedicated button” ? Where ?

There’s a button in the lower right corner of the montage window. After using it you then have to save the montage. Master section presets can be a little confusing when you are not used to them. I can’t remember if there’s a way to automatically save the master section effects each time you save the montage.


Wow, that is a small button. Thanks stingray.