Master Section playback processing slots? How insert Sonarworks Rev4 and ADPTR MetricAB plugins?

  1. I would like to install Sonarworks reference 4 and ADPTR MetricAB in the playback processing slots but haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. They are available in the Effects slots above but not below. I tried putting them in a favorites folder but couldn’t figure that out either.

  2. Or said another way how should I insert Sonarworks for Equalization to my speakers (I have one set that uses Sonarworks and 2 sets that don’t) and how should I insert ADPTR MetricAB for reverencing and metering? Thanks for any help

You need to enable plugins to show up in that section.

Go to the plug-in manager area of Wavelab and look for the column - Play(back).

Thank you very much.
For anyone else: File > Preferences > Plugins > Open folder that the plugin is in > Select the plugin > There is a heading at top that says “Play” check the box next to the plugin in that column. Now it will be available in the Playback insert slots in Master section.

I’m not sure why you needed to retype what I already wrote, plus I provided a screenshot. All very clear.

Please just mark it as solution. Cheers.

Hi Phil:
I only read the email I received and did not go to the forum or realize there was a screen shot available which I see now is very helpful.
My bad. I apologize if I insulted you. Your help is very appreciated. My comments were only trying to be a help as you have been if someone else was dealing with this.
Again I apologize and thanks for your help. You are an asset to this forum.

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No insult at all buddy don’t worry. Just thought it was odd. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: