Master Section preset linkable?

Hi guys,
I’m quite new to WaveLab so…forgive me if my question is trivial :slight_smile:

Is there a way to LINK a Master Section preset to a specific Audio montage?
…And to start WaveLab WITHOUT loading the last Master Section preset used?
I’d like WL to open without any Master Section preset loaded! But…just clean!

Yesterday I forgot to change the mastering (Master Section) preset accordingly to the audio montage …
so I applied a wrong mastering to an audio cd montage…

I hope I was clear…
Thanx in advance!


Not fully. There are some settings to auto-save the Master Section with a montage file and some shortcuts to reload the saved Master Section settings but there is still room for user error. I personally just don’t care for it but it is how it is.

Are you using any plugins in the Master Section that can’t be loaded in the Montage Output Effects? Montage Output Effects also affect the entire montage but they are automatically saved and reloaded as part of the montage and not a separate entity.

The bad news is there are a few plugins and things that are only available in the Master Section and not in the Montage Output Effects or track/clip effects such as Resampler and the analog I/O send/return.

Luckily I’ve developed a workflow that doesn’t require the global Master Section to be used at all so I don’t have to deal with this situation, maybe you can too? It all depends if you need any of the plugins specific to the global Master Section or if you can get away with using only the Montage Output Effects which are easily saved and reloaded with the montage. Easy.

See my post above but to answer this specific question quoted, you can tell WaveLab to not restore the last used master section configuration at startup. So, if you want the master section to be clean when WaveLab is launched, deselect the option show in the attached screen shot:
Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 7.08.51 AM.png

Thank you very much, Justin!

This setting will help me avoiding confusion… and I’ll try also with Montage Output Effects…even if, you know… it’ s not the same as using Master Section!

Could this LINK be an idea for a future update?? It would be very useful!
PG, what do you think? :slight_smile:

No problem. If you don’t need the analog I/O loop or Resampling, then I think using the Montage Output Effects is essentially the same except that you don’t have to remember to save and load it separately from saving the montage. I can’t think of any major things besides those two that aren’t available in the Montage Output Effects.

I guess you could argue the Playback Processing too but I don’t use that too often, and I’m guessing for those that do use it, there isn’t much that changes in those slots between montages. Room Correction EQ or Codec Checking is mainly what it’s for.