master section preset organisation different from WL6

in WL6 the MS presets where stored in groups that would relate to a certain project. by opening that group the presets showed a bunch of different presets relating to each track of the project/set or so.
i can import the old presets from WL6 into WL7, but loose the grouping into sets for a given project. instead i get a huge list of single presets that now are difficult to relate to the project and used file. when i work on differnt projects i don’t want to see all the other presets that are not relevant to the project.
is there a way to have that grouping again or was it somehow implemented differently in WL7 to that effect?

Yes, study this:

And, helpfully, you can use the Explore Presets to open the Presets folder and create a new, specific project folder to which you can easily save your session presets.

This also makes backing up/archiving the project easier as well, since you can quickly explore, copy and paste the relevant preset folder to the appropriate destination.