Master Section Presets Disappeared?

Hi All

A client of mine wanted a mastering revision on a tune of his. I fired up both the new file and the previous version’s file where I had taken advantage of the “Store Master Section preset along with audio file…” for situations like this. When the previous version is in focus the “Apply Master Section Preset stored with the audio file…” option was greyed out. What’s happened to the preset? Why isn’t it there anymore?

I looked at the other songs of that same client that I mastered at the same time (for the same release) and those Master Section presets have disappeared too! I’m completely baffled and more than a little bit downtrodden. A quick and easy job has turned into a bit of a 'mare :frowning:

If anyone could shed any light on this that would be great.

This preset is stored in a companion file, in the same folder or in a different folder (this is a preference). I guess you have erased this file by mistake.
In montage, the preset is stored inside the montage file. But there is not such standard for audio files, hence this companion file principle.

Thanks Phillipe. I’m pretty sure I havent erased anything, I’ve moved house and havent been in my studio for the best part of two weeks (this tune I’m working on was the last thing I worked on pre-house move).

Is the companion file the .gpk file that i find stored with any audio file that has been used within WL? How do I change the default location for these companion files?

No, .mem file. For location, look at the audio file preferences, file tab.

Cant find any .mem files anywhere on my machine. Is it possible that this function has stopped working since the last update and that installing the update cleared these files? This function has worked quite happily many times before.

Excuse me, the file extension is in fact “.vs” (.mem was in earlier WaveLab version).
For the preferences, see:

Sorry for the looong reply time… got married, honeymooned and moved house! Busy busy!

Anyway, yes, ‘.vs’ files are everywhere. stored along side the .wav files. They still won’t load when using the ‘Store Master Section Preset…’ function. For me this is a mission critical function of Wavelab that’s not working :cry: Has this been reported before or by anyone else? Is there a fix? This really is a make or break situation for my work…

This must be a missundersanding in the usage of this function, because i am not aware of a problem.
Try to describe a step by step procedure that fails.