Master Section Presets gone

After a fresh install ALL my Master Section Prestets saved with a wav. file are GONE!
Are they not saved within the .gpk file?
Where are they?

To be clear: I am not talking about the “global” Master Section Presets.
I know where to find them. I know how to restore them to a new install.

Since it’s invention I always used the feature to save Master Section Presets within the working .wav file.
Sometimes several iterations.

I now just reinstalled 9.5 and did the 9.5.4 update and I still can’t recall older or newer Master Presets within these .wav files.

What do i miss?
Every hint is welcome, as i completely rely on this feature since day 1.

thx ad late happy new one!

They are saved in a file with the same name as the audio file, but with the extension “vs” added.
For example:

This file is located next to your audio file, or in a temporary folder, according to the preferences.

ok so iguess it was always in a temp folder. dammit.
Can you tell me where I can define this?
Or is it just the option where to put temp files in the prefs?

I found it:
It’s called “companion files”
and yes there is an option under “audio files/editing”

I could have sworn it was saved in the gpk files or even in the wav header somewhere…

…oh man…all my previous presets are lost in time…like tears in rain…

one never stops learning…

I know this helps you 0% but this is why from day one of using WaveLab which for me was WaveLab 7 when it came to the Mac, I knew that having the master section settings saved as a separate entity could get me into trouble like this.

Luckily PG added the montage output FX for version 8 so I could easily store all the plugin settings in the .mon without any extra work or without risk of forgetting anything.

Maybe it’s because I came from a background of using Pro Tools where there was always a session file and then the audio files, and the session file stored EVERYTHING.

Even when I work with single files, I always do it in a montage so I can easily store all the plugin settings and have a record of version 1, version 2, version 3.

I just know that with the way I work, and the way my brain works, that saving the plugins settings separately would lead to some disaster.

Thanks, Justin!
That’s actually a great idea!

Now that I realized that there is one more file to look after (*.vs) I will try your workflow.
makes sense!

I suppose it depends on the type of work you do but with my work of just mastering albums, EPs, and single songs, I can think of very few things I’ve done outside of the montage environment.

Maybe in broadcast or post you want more simple destructive editing but even then, I’d probably use the montage.