Master Section Presets - Not Loading correctly?


This morning I wanted to clean up some old master section presets that have been built over the last few years. I managed to clean out the old ones but noticed some odd behavior when loading a preset that contains any plugins in the Post Processing area vs a preset without these.

In this case - I have two main master section presets I lean on - one for use in my VO workspace and the other in my vinyl restoration workspace.

The VO preset has a single effect in the upper effects area and nothing in the dithering or post processing slots - I save this and it loads great.

The MS preset for the vinyl workspace has no effects in the top slot, nothing in dithering but has a single instance of izotope Insight (R128 metering) in the Post Processing slot. I set that up and saved it.

The odd behavior comes when I load the Insight preset - it loads fine and Insight is on screen and ready to go. But if I then decide to immediately switch to my VO preset - and even tho I specifically review and check off the “replacement” options on the dialog that appears when switching master section presets - when my VO present loads - the Insight meter is not removed and remains in the Post Processing spot when my VO present is loaded.

I thought the whole purpose of a master section preset was to totally drop all elements from ALL sections and replace them with either nothing (if a preset had nothing in a secition) or something (replace elements in a specific section) - if the preset was saved with specific plugs within specific sections?

Bug or am I doing something wrong here?