Master Section Presets Shortcut Key

Hello all,

In Wavelab 4 and Wavelab 6 Essential there was a Short Cut Key Command (Q)to recall Master Section Presets. This shortcut key “Q” brought up a window with all your personalized Master Section Presets. Then you could number the preset. Here’s how it went: Press “Q” on the keyboard- window pops up with all presets…1 through 7 for example; Use arrow up or down to desired Preset number- now it’s highlighted; press enter and wa la! Preset loaded without using the mouse! Now we have to mouse click in the bottom of the Master Section to access our Presets. i thought this was a great shortcut feature.

PG wrote:
You can assign one shortcut for each desired Master Section preset (from the Master Section menu), but not a shortcut to open a window listing all presets. This being said, it wouldn’t be bad to have that option.

Hopefully we can have this option back. Working in Wavelab Elements 7.


PS This request maybe too late for next update? If so, if there’s another update, then maybe included in that one?

Sorry, no more time for next update. But I keep the idea.